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Trail Conditions at Saxon Hills Essex, Vermont

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Today was beautiful. Mid 50s, blue sky, it truly felt like spring was here! I decided to take a drive over to Saxon Hill in Essex, Vermont to see how the trails looked. Unfortunately, it looks like they’re going to need a good bit of time before they’re rideable. Lots of ice, and lots of mud anywhere the dirt was exposed. I only walked the upper side, to the top of the extendo loop, but I think I saw enough.

I think the ice is a result of the amazing trail grooming Saxon is blessed with for winter fat biking, resulting in wonderful trails to ride almost all winter, but also possibly delaying the melt that the trails need before they can dry out. Totally a worthwhile trade off in my opinion but still...

I strongly encourage people to stay off the trails until given the “all clear” from Fellowship of the Wheel. Be sure to check out their trail conditions before heading out this spring. If unsure, check out your tire tracks. If you’re leaving a rut, best to turn around to preserve the trails.

I will try to check out Sunny Hollow in Colchester, Vermont soon, as those trails aren’t groomed and may dry out a little faster. Updates to follow!

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