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Get to Know your Mechanic

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Bino, our chief mechanic and owner, has been working in bike shops for over 26 years, and done just about every job one can do in a bike shop. He started his career back in Westchester County New York. He is comfortable with all modern components and brands of bicycle. In his words, “There isn’t much I haven’t seen on a bike.” He can often talk about bikes for longer than most bike enthusiasts. Most recently, he was the Service Manager at Earl’s Cyclery & Fitness in South Burlington, Vermont.

Bino has ridden bikes for as long as he can remember, and has raced in triathlons (up to Half-Ironman distance), criteriums, cross country mountain bike races, and endurance (50 mile +) mountain bike races. Now he rides at a more relaxed pace. You can often see him at Saxon Hill in Essex, Vermont riding with his 3 year old daughter, Emilia, and dog, River. He can often be found riding at Sunny Hollow in Colchester, Vermont or Cady Hill Forest in Stowe, Vermont or the Hinesburg Forest. Bino will always stop to help a fellow rider if you see him on the trail give him a shout.

Born in Raised in New York but Vermont has always felt like home.

Married, Dad of 1 human and 1 dog

Bicycle Obsessed

Avid Reader - specifically sci-fi

Lover of all things outdoors

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